This script allows you zoom in/out timeline much more comfortable. Works for curve editor also. You can start script when You need by drag&drop it to 3ds Max interface, or by Utilities.

Current version: 1.0.

System requirements : 3dsmax from 2012 to 2017

TZoom Features:

  • Zoom button - On/Off (+10 - 10 frames by default)
  • Number and Slider: Half of active Timeline zone for Zoom (± from current Time)(Pro only)
  • Set Middle:  Move active Timeline zone rather current time (current time will be middle of active timeline zone)(Pro only)


LE version of script (FREE):


Pro version of script ($15.00) :

Get request code for Your computer (based on MAC address), install LE version first, press "Pro" button,  then click to "Buy License code".

You will receive confirmation e-mail with two files:

1. Paste .lic file into 3ds Max root folder.

2.  Drag'n'drop.mse file  to 3ds Max interface for one time use or paste it to <3ds max root>\scripts\Startup \ folder for every time use. Or You can start it by Utilities>MAXScript>Run Script



Please enter the request code you've got from the script:

If you have any questions feel free contact us: